Universal Compatible LED T8 Tubes Type A+B

Universal LED Type-A + B T8 tubes work with both Direct Replacement Lamp (DRL) and Ballast Bypass retrofit methods. This is the newest fluorescent retrofit LED T8 technology on the market. The tubes fit most 4-foot fluorescent T8 and T12 fixtures and with our complete 8-foot fluorescent to LED conversion kit.

Simple to use in your fluorescent tubelight T8 fixture that still has a compatible electronic T8 ballast for direct replacement lamp retrofit projects. It will not work with T12 ballast fixtures. T12 fixtures need to have the ballast removed as shown in our videos. Also works in fixtures that have already bypassed the ballast and are supplied by power from one end using non-shunted tombstone sockets or both ends using shunted tombstone sockets.

Even if your fluorescent T8 fixture still has that old power sucking electronic T8 ballast, no problem now and no problem later. When the ballast fails just bypass it, i.e. remove it. See our video here on how quickly that is done. Still the #1 way to retrofit existing fixtures. Quick and easy.

So lets break down what these highly versatile LED T8 lamps can do . . .

Universal LED T8 tubes work for 99% of all fluorescent fixtures in all three retrofit applications.

1) Direct Replacement Lamp (DRL) Method - Fluorescent Fixture with the original electronic ballast still in it
- Uses Type-A LED T8 Tubes

Our Universal Type-A+B LED T8 lamps are a simple no hassle, no re-wiring solution to replacing your existing electronically ballasted fluorescent T8 lamps with energy saving LED technology. See our video on how this is done here. Simply remove the fluorescent T8 tubes and replace with our plug and play Universal LED T8 Type-A+B tubes. Utilize your existing fluorescent light fixture. It's that easy! No, seriously. It is! Universal LED T8 lamps are 99% compatible with the electronic ballast used with your fluorescent T8 tubes making it a simple plug and play solution to any fluorescent T8 electronically ballasted fixture. No need for re-wiring or external LED drivers. Reduce your installation costs significantly with these Universal LED T8 Type-A+B lamps.

2) Single End Powered Method
- Uses Type-B Single End Powered LED T8 Tubes

The Universal LED Type-A + B T8 retrofit tubes also work great in retrofit applications where the fluorescent ballast is removed, new non-shunted tombstone sockets are installed, rewiring is completed and power is supplied from only one end of the fixture for the LED T8 tube. See our video here on how to retrofit a fixture in this dated manner, but make sure you check out the double end powered video, as the double end retrofit method is so much faster and easier to install. The single end powered method is a little dated, but many thousands of fixtures are already wired this way and our universal LED Type-A+B lamp will work great with this type of retrofit method.

3) Double End Powered Method
- Uses Type-B Double End Powered LED T8 Tubes

Our Universal Type-A + B T8 LED retrofit tubes are perfect for fluorescent to LED conversion projects where the ballast has been removed and power is supplied from both ends of the fixture for the LED T8 tube. Hot at one end and neutral on the other. This video shows this most popular fluorescent to LED retrofit method on the market, utilizing the existing tombstone sockets in the fluorescent fixture. This is by far the fastest and least expensive method to date. Not sure what to do, check out this special link to narrow down to your specific application.

To get more detailed information on each product, click on the product and scroll down the page and you will find a product description and additional information.

There are a lot of considerations that need to get weighed in before making a decision on the bulb used for any particular application. Such as, the wattage, lumens, color rendering index (CRI) in conjunction to what is being lit and what fixture is being used. To find out more about what some these considerations are and what it means to you, check out this blog article. If you think a higher wattage means a brighter bulb, then you certainly need to read the article-you will find it helpful.

Be sure to stop by our blog and check out the lighting tips and tricks articles and our You Tube Channel for even more how to's, tips and tricks.

Tell us what you're lighting and we'll recommend what is best to light it with. Take advantage of our design help and personal shopper service as our lead lighting designer is one of the best in the industry.

A word to the wise: Do not schedule your installation date until you have received and accounted for all items needed for your project. Please plan accordingly!

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