PAR Reflector CFL Bulbs

Total Bulk Lighting offers PAR Reflector compact fluorescent retrofit bulbs in bulk quantities at discounted prices. This is a spiral cfl bulb in a reflector to direct the light forward or downward. These PAR Reflector CFL bulbs are made for fixtures that use the PAR style bulb. Perfect for most track and recessed lighting fixtures. A great way to go green and be energy efficient; the aluminum PAR bulb will fit a track lighting fixture and produce a soft, bright 'flood' of light. In addition, this bulb will run much cooler than the halogen counterpart, giving you an additional energy savings.

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There are a lot of considerations that need to get weighed in before making a decision on the bulb used for any particular application. Such as, the wattage, lumens, color rendering index (CRI) in conjunction to what is being lit and what fixture is being used. To find out more about what some these considerations are and what it means to you, check out this blog article. If you think a higher wattage means a brighter bulb, then you certainly need to read the article-you will find it helpful.

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