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  • Two Shipping Myths Big Business Doesn’t Want You to Know

    Two Shipping Myths Big Business Doesn’t Want You to Know

    Who doesn’t like saving money? How many times have you left a website because they didn’t offer free shipping? As a small family-operated online retail company, we get hundreds of questions a day. However, the most popular questions we get are about shipping prices. Almost everyone wants free shipping.  Today we are going to share the top two myths big business doesn’t want you to know.

    Myth 1: Free Shipping Always Saves Me Money!

    The other guy offers free shipping, why don’t you?  We get this question every day, and every day we tell our customers the same thing. “Shipping isn’t Free.” In all our years of business, we haven't found a single carrier who is willing to ship our orders for free. In fact, every week, our shipping carrier sends us that pesky little invoice requesting payment for service. 

    Shipping CostSo how does that other guy get away with calling it free shipping then? Here is what they don’t tell you. Let’s say you order a recessed trim for $21.41 with free shipping, and live in a state with 10% sales tax. The cost of the trim is $2.41 and the shipping cost is $19.00. However, you are getting free shipping so these two costs are combined into 1 line item. The 10% sales tax on the $21.41 trim is $2.14, making your total order $23.55. It is only $2.14.”I can’t get a cup of coffee for that much.” “I am getting free shipping, so I don’t mind giving away my money.”

    What if the other guy decided to charge you shipping?  Let’s find out. Back to our favorite $2.41 recessed trim. Because they charge you shipping, the $19.00 is a separate line item. This means the 10% sales tax is only being applied to the $2.41 trim, making the order total $21.62 instead of $23.55. You just saved $1.93!! Still not a cup of coffee, but savings is savings.

    Now that we know sometimes free shipping isn’t always the best deal. I bet you are wondering “Why does it cost $19.00 to ship that $2.41 trim.” You are not alone. Let’s see why.

    Myth 2: The Cost Of Shipping Depends On The Cost Of The Order.  

    How could something so inexpensive, cost so much to ship? This recessed lighting trim has to go into a box so it gets to you undamaged. No one wants to delay their DIY project due to a cracked or dented trim. To prevent this mishap, the warehouse puts bubble wrap, air cushions, or paper inside the box to prevent movement. Then they tape, and label the box. We want to focus on the shipping cost, not the handling costs, right?  We use UPS to ship this trim; however, all the common carriers are about the same. 

    How are shipping costs determined? All the popular shipping carriers have a shipping calculator on their website. This calculator asks for the delivery location, the dimensions of the box ( Length, Width, and Height), and the weight of the box. With that information, they will tell you how long and how much it cost depending on when you want the package. We use ground service as it is the least expensive. In our $2.41 trim example, we enter the following information: Miami, Florida, 11” x 8” x 8”, and 1 pound. Why Miami? We have been shipping a lot of boxes there right now, but you can go to to test this for your location. 

    UPS Billable WeightIf the box weighs 1 lb, why is the billable weight 5 lbs? All shipping carriers combine the weight and the size of the box to determine the actual cost to transport your package from us to you. The industry calls this “dimensional weight.” After plugging all this information in the shipping calculator, the cost to ship this trim ground from New Mexico to Miami, Florida is $19.00.

    What if I put a $5,000 diamond ring into the same box, would it cost more? The delivery location is the same, the box dimensions are the same, and it weighs less than a pound. Using the handy shipping calculator, we find that it still costs $19.00 to ship UPS ground from New Mexico to Miami, Florida. 

    If shipping isn’t free, why do we offer free shipping? First, we know that is what people want. Many times that is the first thing consumers seek out when buying online  Second, we need to stay competitive, and offering “free shipping” on some of our products helps us do that.  We are a small family business and we have to try to compete.  If you run a small business you know how hard this can be.

    Same Box Size

    Why do we still charge shipping on some items, if people want free shipping? Well, we want to give our customers the opportunity to find the best deal for their project. Many times a customer can save money having shipping as a separate line item, especially when buying larger quantities or heavier items.

    We know you have choices out there, and hopefully, after reading this you are a more informed consumer that will choose Total Lighting Supply for your next lighting project.



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  • LED 12volt AC Christmas Lights for your existing Outdoor Lighting System & Overview

    LED 12volt Christmas LightsUse your existing 12volt AC low voltage outdoor lighting system to bring Christmas string lights to your yard, business, patio and more. These unobtrusive lights We show you the ins and outs of this unique low voltage Christmas light helping make it easier and faster for you to install and operate :)


    Get your LED 12volt Christmas Lights and make your place magical!

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  • Universal LED Tube Converts your Fluorescent Fixture to LED in Minutes, WORKS with no Ballast too! Video

    Finally a LED tube that works in 99% of all 4-foot fixtures and U-BEND fixtures. Convert your fluorescent fixture in minutes. Our state of the art LED tube works in all three types of 4’ fixtures. Works great in Fluorescent tubelights with the existing compatible T8 electronic ballast, works seamlessly in Single End Powered retrofitted fluorescent 4ft tube lights and U-BEND fixtures and works beautifully in Dual End Powered retrofitted fluorescent 4' troffer fixtures and U-BEND fixtures. It's the one LED T8 Tube to rule them all. Watch the video to see how you can convert your fluorescent four foot fixture to LED in minutes with our universal LED T8 Type-A+B lamp!

    Buy our 4-foot LED T8 conversion kits Shipped FREE

    Buy the Universal 4-foot LED T8 Tubes

    Try our Fluorescent to LED T8 Conversion Tool

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  • How to quickly Convert Fluorescent U-BEND to EZ LED T8 Dual End Powered U-BEND - Videos

    Quickly and easily convert your fluorescent U-BEND fixture to LED T8 dual end powered U-BEND in about 5 minutes with our convenient kit. We offer a short and long version of the conversion depending on how much detail you may need in retrofitting your existing fluorescent ubend fixture using the double end powered method. To make it even easier we have included the easy to use kit to make the entire process a breeze, taking the guess work out of what you need to buy.

    See our LED U-Bend kits here.

    Short Version


    Long Version

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  • How Coronavirus COVID-19 is disrupting the Lighting Product Supply Chain

    VirusMany of our customers have asked how the Coronavirus / COVID-19 virus is affecting our lighting supply chain.

    They are concerned about stock running out on many of our lighting products such as track lighting, recessed lighting, LED T8 retrofit conversion lighting, LED low voltage outdoor landscape lighting and lighting parts, accessories and LED light bulbs that are almost all manufactured in China. They have large projects underway and the lighting must be installed at a specific point in time or the project is put on hold as the finish work can not be completed without it in place.

    In November, our primary factory told us to order for the annual Chinese New Year closure and  include one more month after, to ensure that the factory can have time to gear up after the holiday season. We did so and increased our order 30% just to be safe. This all took place before the Coronavirus took center stage in China and world. Then the virus hit and the factory remained closed and did not restart production.

    Container Ship SunsetWe purchased enough product to cover us until the end of March. 

    We expected that the factory would be back to work on a limited basis by the first week of February and we would have new product on the water (i.e. in a container ship heading our way to the United States) by the middle of the month. Unfortunately, this did not happen. We are now at the second week of March and there is very limited product in production and the shipping and delivery dates are still not guaranteed. We have some products expected by the end of March and the rest will arrive sometime later. You will see on our website that some items that are out of stock do not have an expected delivery date as they are not in production yet.

    We have had large delays before, the last big delay was back during the last dock worker union port strike in Los Angeles. It was very disruptive and it went on much longer than expected.

    Warehouse Full ShelvesIf you have a project that has a construction time-line, please contact us so we can ensure you have product in hand or on the move to avoid costly delays and pricey air shipping expenses.

    We do our best to help you from going over budget and get your project delivered on or before it is needed.  All of our orders ship complete unless you tell us to do otherwise. Incomplete shipping can create greater confusion, frustration and disruption that you simply don’t need added to your project. We want to avoid this at all costs.

    Communication is the most important factor in guaranteeing success.  Feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

    Shipping ContainersFor now, check your project schedule, wash your hands with soap and shut off CNN. We like websites like John Hopkins University, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) website for real facts on the virus, not “news” reporters running around like chicken little.

    Thank you for reading our update and feel free to contact us with questions and project schedules. Again, we are here to help :)



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  • We retrofitted our 5,000 square foot Office Space from Fluorescent to LED T8 in 4 hrs - Find out How!

    Converted Fluorescent to LED T8 5,000 sqft Warehouse Building

    fluorescent t8 tube removalWe have been doing fluorescent T8 and T12 LED retrofits for many years.  Maybe longer than any Ecommerce website out there.  In this blog we will tell you about the process we used to convert our 5,000 sqft office space on Saturday morning that only took us 4 hrs.

    We started with a simple plan.  Here is how we did it.  First we got all of the supplies together which included: LED T8 Double End Powered Tubes, Easy Push-In Wire Connectors, Extra #18 Gauge Solid Copper Wire in Black & White, Retrofit Labels, ladders, headlamps, tools and lots of helping hands. I have listed at the end of this article all the tools we used. All of our fixtures were exactly the same, so we knew if we used one as a sample to see what was needed all the rest would require the same conversion process. This helped in reducing the time to retrofit.

    We had one electrician on the team and the rest of the team was completely inexperienced. They were a bunch of teenagers that wanted to make some quick money on an early Saturday morning.  We paid them very well and they were very surprised. Anyway, we had both young men and women and they all did a great job.

    We broke down the duties in an assembly line fashion.  Here is how it worked:

    1) Two of the teenagers were in charge of opening the fixture, (we showed them how) they released the two clips and let the lens swing down on its hinge so they could get at the tubes.

    florescent to led t8 ballast removalI have to note here, everyone was required to wear safety glasses and the power was turned off. In rooms that were dark, (some had no windows) everyone had “headlamps” we got at Harbor Freight and when the project was finished we gave them to the kids. 

    Once the fixture was open, one helper removed the fluorescent tubes and handed each down to the other helper on the floor that placed them in a temporary container.  The helper still on the ladder then removed the cover where the ballast was located and handed it down.  Once the ballast cover was down, a helper put on a sticker we sell that tells people that this fixture has been converted from fluorescent to LED.

    2) The next team removed the ballast by cutting the wires close to the ballast and removing the ballast mounting screw.  We had just the right size nut driver to release the one screw holding in the ballast to the fluorescent tubelight making it a very fast and efficient removal. We had a box ready to receive the ballasts for proper disposal latter.

    3) At this point our electrician came in and cleaned up the wiring, cut and stripped where needed and used our 5 port push-in wire connector to make the proper wire connections.  Clean and simple.

    4) The next team came up, aligned the wires in the center of the fluorescent fixture and put back the cover where the ballast once was. They also installed the LED T8 Double End Powered lamps. Once all theLED lamps were installed in all the fluorescent fixtures in the room, and before the covers were closed, the power was turned back on and we checked to make sure everything was working properly.

    florescent to led t8 rewiring5) The last guy came along to close the fixture. This was the most difficult part of the retrofit process due to the fixtures being in a drop ceiling. You had to get the hang of it as the fixtures were prone to move when you pressed the lens cover up against it.  We found that you had to get the lens cover lined up and quickly hit it with your hand to “shock” it in place (not hard, just quick). However, your fluorescent T8 or T12 fixtures may be different so get familiar with its workings to help quicken the retrofit process. But for us, this was the most difficult part for inexperienced helpers.  Have your electrician show your crew how to do this to make for a fast and quick fluorescent to LED conversion.

    6)  We further packed all the fluorescent tubes in the boxes that the new EZ Double End Powered LED tubes came in. Fortunately for us, all the fluorescent lamps were working when we took them out, so we wrote a Craigslist ad titled somewhat like this, Free 4-foot T8 Fluorescent Tubes In Working Order. Someone snatched them up right away and were all gone in 3 hours. The people that picked them up were very happy to have them, and we were happy to see them go where they will be used until the end of their normal life span.

    We found that in our office space, we increased the light foot candles by three times. I forgot to mention that we used the EZ Double End Powered 4000K Frosted LED Tubes due to the nature of the use of the spaces. When everyone came in the following Monday for work they were greatly impressed with a brighter work place and the natural look and feel the new LED light provided.

    In conclusion, here are the results we found after converting 100 fluorescent t8 3-lamp 4-foot fixtures. Each fluorescent troffer had 3 x 32watt fluorescent T8 tubes and 1 x 12watt fluorescent ballast. To find the total wattage used by these fixtures we multiply 3 times 32watts and add 12watts for the ballast to equal a total of 108watts per light. We then multiply 108watts by the 100 fluorescent tube lights being used in the office complex. It's a whopping 10,800watts of electricity. Wow! Now lets calculate how much wattage the office complex is consuming after the conversion to the double end powered LED T8 tubes. Each LED T8 tube is rated at 18watts. Multiply 18watts by 3 and we have 54watts. We take the 54watts, multiply it by 100 and we are left with 5,400watts. That's half the power of the fluorescent lamps. That is a significant reduction in power being used. Think of the energy savings we will now enjoy moving forward!

    Now lets calculate the monetary value of our LED retrofit. We installed 300 double end powered LED lamps at $6.14 each as of the writing of this article. This large quantity gave us a significant quantity discount (see pricing on our website here). 200 5-port push-in wire connectors at $0.75 each and 100 LED retrofit labels at $0.14 each. You can purchase all these items securely from our website here. which includes free access to all our videos including our popular "5 minute or less fluorescent tube light to LED T8 conversion with our EZ Kit" video.

    Material Costs
    Qty Price Cost
    LED Tubes 300 x $6.14 $1,842
    Wire Connectors 200 x $0.75 $150
    Labels 100 x $0.14 $14
    TOTAL $2006

    Lets calculate the electricity cost savings.
    Local commercial electricity rate = $0.102/kWh
    Work hours = 9 hours
    Days in a year = 365

    Old Fluorescent Setup
    Electricity Consumption 10,800watts = 10.8kW
    Electricity Cost per Kilowatt $0.102 x 10.8kW = $1.1016
    9-hour Work Day Electricity Cost  $1.1016 x 9hr = $9.9144
    Yearly Work Day Electricity Cost $9.9144 x 365 = $3618.756


    New LED retrofit
    Electricity Consumption 5,400watts = 5.4kW
    Electricity Cost per Kilowatt $0.102 x 5.4kW = $0.5508
    9-hour Work Day Electricity Cost $0.5508 x 9hr = $4.9572
    Yearly Work Day Electricity Cost $4.9572 x 365 = $1,809.378


    Fluorescent T8 vs LED T8
    Fluorescent Yearly Electricity Cost LED Yearly Electricity Cost
    $3,216.672 $1,809.378


    Total LED Yearly Savings over Fluorescent


    In less than two years our LED conversion will have paid for itself in energy savings and we will begin seeing the benefits of increased light and deeper energy savings for years to come!

    Doing a retrofit with dual end powered LED bulbs is the quickest and most easy ballast bypass retrofit you will ever do.  We offer a number of videos on changing your fluorescent t8 or T12 tubelight to LED T8 that will work for almost every fixture type.  However, you should open and inspect your fixture so you do not have surprises in the field. Watch out for emergency fixtures, fixtures that have dual ballasts, old fixtures with bad tombstones, weird wiring and other oddball configurations. Ready to convert your building filled with old energy sucking fluorescent T8 or T12 4foot fixtures to LED T8? Simply fill out this form, send us a photo if your unsure and we will help you get your project on the fast track!

    florescent to led t8 rewiring=led tube installHere is what we had on hand for the LED retrofit:

    • Ladders,  many of them
    • Tubes, we used the dual end,  4000K frosted as our fixtures did not have lenses but an open grid style. Our fixtures had three lamps
    • Headlamps
    • Safety Glasses
    • Stickers for the fixtures (we have these on our web site)
    • Push-In Quick Wire Connectors (also on our web site)
    • Tool for removing the screw or nut on the ballast, only needed one, it is quick
    • Wire snips for the wires on the ballast,  cut the wires close, see the video
    • Electrician had his quick wire stripper and his own snips, we gave him his own helper
    • We also had on hand, but did not need, extra shunted tombstones incase we found bad ones, extra solid core #18 wire in both Black and White.
    • Vacuum, to clean up after we finished
    • Water and snacks, it's always good to keep your crew hydrated and nourished :)


    convert fluorescent to led t8 hallwayHope this gives you an idea on what to expect for a larger scale project like a church, office complex or warehouse. Your plan may vary somewhat due to ceiling height, use of space or other factors unique to your location.  We have also supplied a large project with a very similar setup in a warehouse where they used two scissor lifts, less people and more skilled help, condensing the process down even further saving more time and money.

    Thanks for reading.  Please checkout our Fluorescent to LED T8 Quick Tool to see all the options available to you.  It's a great starting point to help fast track your project. We have also made this easy to use page for large projects, allowing you to buy each LED retrofit component in bulk for significant savings.

    Thanks for considering Total Lighting Supply for your project.

    Build out your bulk project here and save on your LED T8 Conversion

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  • 4 Ways to Convert a Fluorescent Tubelight with 2 Ballasts to a LED T8 Fixture

    There are four possible reasons you have two ballasts in your T8 or T12 fluorescent tubelight fixture. See which one matches your light fixture and how our EZ double end powered LED T8 conversion kits can help.

    1) I have one wall switch and all the bulbs light up in my fixture when I turn the wall switch on. There is only one switch that turns on this fixture and there are two ballasts inside.

    You have an old style fluorescent fixture. No matter the type of bulb (either T12 or T8, the size is on the bulb) you can rewire this fixture. Please tell your electrician to review this video and instruct him that the double ended feed bulbs require Hot (black) and Neutral (white) wired on each end. Here is the wire diagram.

    2) My fixture has two switches that control it this way; One switch controls 2 bulbs and the other switch controls either 1 or 2 more bulbs. When I turn both switches on all the bulbs will be on. Both switches are in the same place on the wall.

    Your fixture must have been set up to allow you three levels of lighting, You can turn on some of the lights, the other set of lights or all the lights. Therefore your fixture has two Hot wires (Black) and one or two Neutral (White) wires going to the fixture. From your wall switches, this fixture can be rewired, but as we are not on site we can not tell you exactly. Any good electrician can get this fixture retrofitted with LED and remove the old energy sucking ballasts. A simple wire diagram is included here, give it to your electrician. In our sample diagram, one switch will control two lamps, and the other switch will control one lamp. When both switches are on, all the lamps we will be on. In some cases, your wiring on site may be slightly different.

    Convert dual ballast fluorescent T8 fixtures to LED T8 with 3 Levels lighting and a switch box diagram

    3) My fixture's tubes all come on at the same time, but I have two switches on opposing sides of the room that control the fixture, that way, no matter the door I come in, I can turn the light on or off.

    This is called "three way switching". There are a number of ways this is wired, and we cannot explore all of them here. Get your electrician on the job and in 10 minutes he will know where the hot and neutral wires are that come in the fixture and will be able to wire up your retrofit quick. As long as he knows that the bulbs are powered from each end, Hot (Black) on one and Neutral (White) on the other it will be easy. Your electrician will remove the ballasts and wire up your LED to work perfectly.

    4) My fixture has 6 bulbs in it, it requires two ballasts to make it work. When I turn on the switch all 6 bulbs come on.

    We have a video and a diagram for fixtures like this. Usually these are shop fixtures but are easy to convert. For 6 lamp fixtures we recommend that you buy the two parts you need Al-la-cart, the bulbs and the label. Then use wire nuts as shown in our video to connect the wires.

    One fixture 6 lamp double end powered wire diagram

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  • Converting Fluorescent T8 or T12 to LED T8 Tubelight FAQ

    Convert Fluorescent to LED T8We have been retrofitting fluorescent fixtures to LED T8 since 2012. Not only have we seen almost every possible project type, we have done many ourselves. Here are some common questions we get asked and the simple answers that will help get your project going. Feel free to email us if you just want more information on how to use our products with your fixtures, and suggestions on how to get the most appealing results.

    1) Can I convert my fluorescent to LED?

    Convert Fluorescent to LED T8 Drop CeilingIn most cases your fluorescent fixture can be converted. We specialize in the 2’, 4’ and U-bend fixtures, as well as a fixture conversion kit for 8’ fluorescent fixtures that makes conversion quick and easy. By getting rid of the energy sucking fluorescent lamps and the old heat generating ballasts, you can increase your light output up to three times, while decreasing your wattage and energy consumption by half.

    2) Do you need a ballast with LED lights?

    fluorescent ballast removal LED T8 ConversionOur double ended LED replacement lamps do not need a ballast. Take a look at our video and you will see how we remove it, bypass it and stop the energy it wastes by being in that circuit. Double ended LED tubes are the industry standard and there is no need to change out the tombstones. We can also assist you if you want to keep your ballasts, but we do not recommend it. When your ballast fails all your lights will be out, and replacement fluorescent ballasts are getting harder and harder to find as new replacements.

    3) Will LED tubes work in fluorescent fixtures?

    Convert fluorescent t8 t12 tubelight to LED T8The LED replacements tubes work in almost any fixture. We can help you determine if the LED tubes will work in your fixture. Let us know how long your fixture is, if it has a lens, if it is open and where the fixture is. Send us a photo of the inside if you can. The more detail we get, the better recommendation we can make.

    4) How do you change a fluorescent light fixture to LED?

    Convert fluorescent to LED T8 VideosWe are so happy you asked! We have an extensive video set that deals with how to convert fluorescent lights to T8 LED tubes, step by step. 1, 2, 3, and 4 tube fixtures all can be done, and we have frosted and clear LED tubes. LED retrofits can be used most anywhere, a shop, warehouse, garage, basement, kitchen and more applications.

    5) Are LED tubes brighter than fluorescent?

    LED T8 tubes type bAbsolutely! If you have a T12 old fluorescent tube you can expect up to almost 3 times the light at less than half the energy. If you have a T8 lamp the results will be similar, depending on the age of the fluorescent lamp.

    6) Do LED tubes need starters or drivers?

    No, the driver is right inside the tube. A small circuit takes your standard current of 120 or 277v and converts it for the LED strip in the tube.

    7) Who can do the conversion for me?

    Convert fluorescent to LED T8 ElectricianBefore you start check out our super helpful one-stop-informatoin conversion tool. We recommend it as the best place to start with your project!

    You can also share our videos with your electrician, however we would be surprised if they are not familiar with the process. Tell them you want to use the double end feed method. The single end method takes longer, requires you to change some of the tombstones, and therefore costs more.

    We offer resources, videos, diagrams, and details to help your project come out just the way you want. We have assisted with thousands of projects and have refined our products and methods. We offer specialized, hands-on knowledge and experience that you won't find on other websites. We are a small, family business that cares about each and every project we have the honor of working on. Let us help with yours!

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  • How to convert a TWO Ballast T8 Fluorescent Tube Light to LED T8 DOUBLE END powered Fixture

    Does your T8 or T12 Fluorescent Tube Light fixture have TWO or more Ballasts? Our video shows you how to convert a T8 Fluorescent Tube Light with two or more ballasts to a LED T8 DOUBLE END powered Tube Light using our Total Bulk Lighting products ? If you have electrical wiring knowledge you will be able to perform this task. If you have any doubts we strongly recommend hiring a licensed electrician ?

    EZ LED T8 Double End Tubes
    LED T8 Retrofit Warning Label

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  • EZ LED T8 Fluorescent 2-Tube light Conversion in 5 minutes or less

    Convert your old T8 or T12 fluorescent 2-tube lights to energy saving bright T8 LED tubes with our affordable easy to install EZ retrofit kits. Complete with LED tubes, sockets and conversion label our kits are designed to work with 1, 2, 3 or 4 lamp fluorescent fixtures. We have seen this conversion performed in 3-5 minutes. Our detailed video guide demonstrates how to quickly and easily install our new double end powered LED conversion kit in existing T8 or T12 fluorescent light fixtures.

    EZ LED T8 kit used in the video.

    Buy the Double End Powered LED T8 Tubes

    Buy the Wire Connector

    Buy the Warning Label

    Buy the Shunted Sockets

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