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Convert T8 or T12 Fluorescent U-Bend Fixture to LED T8 U-Bend Fixture Video

Take the hassle out of converting your T8 or T12 fluorescent U-bend fixture to an energy saving LED T8 U-bend fixture with our helpful installation video guide and super easy to install kit that comes complete with everything you need to have a successful retrofit project!

This video is a rather lengthy video but virtually removes the guess work out of retrofitting your fluorescent T8 or T12 u-bend light fixture to an LED T8 u-bend light fixture. It is pretty much worth every second :)

The video includes our easy to use and complete LED T8 U-bend retrofit kit which includes the following components:

  • 2 x LED T8 U-bend lamps
  • 2 x Non-shunted sockets
  • 1 x Black wire
  • 1 x White wire
  • 1 x LED T8 U-bend retrofit label
  • Optional lamp support clip for converting Fluorescent T12 U-bend to LED T8 U-bend


You will find links to all the products used in this video in the left column under "Related Products." If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to ask by clicking on the "Live Chat" or "Contact Us" buttons at the top of this page!

Happy retrofitting!

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